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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  February 1, 2013 2:30am-3:00am PST

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to win the super bowl. are you ready? there you go. the ravens! >> and that's a look back at our week. this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned, "way too early" with bill karins starts right now. well, i said it. and i don't remember the context or when i said it. if i had an opportunity to edit like many things i've said, i would like to go back and change the words and meaning. i think in a larger context, i said many, many things over many years. i have already stated that i regret the terminology.
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what i meant to say, should have said, it's recognizable. it's been recognized, is recognized at the united nations. that's what i should have said. and thank you. >> chuck hagel putting on a less than stellar performance during his testimony on capitol hill yesterday. will it matter in the long run? good morning, i'm bill karins. this is "way too early." the show that welcomes hagel for the leftist with proud arms. thanks for being up on this first of february. there is a lot going on including new ammunition for gun control ads shows overwhelming support for background checks. in chicago, mayor emanuel says enough is enough. we'll tell what you he is doing to try to stop the latest epidemic of gun violence in the windy city. a tragic wakeup call in the world of extreme sports. after a snowmobile rider died from injuries he sustained in a crash at the x games. that's ahead in sports. first, our top story at 5:30 a.m. eastern time in new york city. we start with chuck hagel's
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rough day on capitol hill. lawmakers attacked the former senator and vietnam veteran in a contentious, nearly eight hour hearing over his nomination to become at the next u.s. defense secretary. the question was expected to be tough but he appeared uncomfortable, even unprepared. the most heated exchange of the day came from a former close friend, senator john mccain who grilled hagel on opposing the 2007 u.s. troop surge in iraq. >> wiere you correct or incorret when you said that the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam? were you correct or incorrect? yes or no? >> my reference to -- >> are you going to answer the question, senator hagel? the question is, were you right or wrong. that's a pretty straight forward question. >> well, i -- >> i would like the answer whether you're right or wrong and then you're free to elaborate. >> well, i'm not going to give you a yes or no answer.
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>> well, let the record show you refuse to answer that question. please go ahead. >> well, if you would like me to explain why -- >> actually, i would like an answer, yes or no? >> well, i'm not going to give you a yes or no. it's far more complicated than that. my answer is i'll defer that judgment to history. >> i think history has already made a judgment about the surge, sir. and you're on the wrong side of it. >> hagel was also questioned on his comments referring to a jewish lobby. he suggested intimidated people on capitol hill. >> do you still believe that their success in this town is because of intimidation? >> i regret referencing the jewish lobby. i should have said pro israel lobby. i should have used another term. i'm sorry. and i regret it. the use of intimidation, i should have used influence.
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i think that would have been more appropriate. >> name one person in your opinion who is intimidated by the israeli lobby in the united states senate. >> well, first -- >> name one. >> i don't know. >> well why would you say it? >> i didn't have in mind a specific person. >> name one dumb thing we've been goated into doing because of the pressure from the israeli or jewish lobby. >> i have already stated that i regret the terminology. >> but you said back then, it makes us do dumb things. >> well, i can't give aun example. >> thank you. >> iran was another major topic. hagel incorrectly refer referred to the u.s. policy on the nuclear weapons as containment. senator carl levens with quick to help with a clarification. >> i've just been handed a note that i misspoke and said i supported the president's position on containment. if i said that, it meant to say
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that i, obviously, his position on containment we don't have a position on containment. >> just to make sure your correction is clear. we do have a position on containment which is we do not favor containment. >> well, despite his fumbles, it's likely that hagel will become the next defense secretary. it will be a several months before a threat of a government default returns to washington. in a 64-34 vote yesterday, the senate approved a bill that prevents the u.s. government from reaching its borrowing limit until may. the plan which cleared the house last week already requires members of congress to pass a budget by mid-april or risk having their paychecks withheld. it's among several fiscal deadlines looming over capitol hill. spending cuts at federal agencies including the pentagon are said to hit on march 1st. later that month, a major funding bill expires. the debt ceiling fight will resurface in the summer. new polls showing the nra's opposition to reforming certain
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gun laws isn't registering with the american public. according to polling, more than 90% of voters in three states say they support wider background checks for people buying weapons at gun shows. that includes voters who live in households with a gun. when it comes to the question of armed police in schools, more voters in virginia, new jersey, and pennsylvania support the idea than oppose it. the board of education in new it is town, connecticut, is requesting funding for armed police officers in four elementary schools for the next school year. in chicago, meanwhile, mayor rahm emanuel is moving 200 officers from desk duty to the streets amid the city's most violent months in decades. 42 people have been murdered this year including 15-year-old who was shot dead this week while hanging out with friends in a park. >> when any young person in our city is gunned down without reason, their death makes an impression on all of us.
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and it demands action from all of us. the loss of any child in any community in this city is a loss to the entire city. >> she had performed at some of president obama's inauguration events in washington last week. a few years ago she took part in a public service video urging teens to avoid gang violence. >> hi, this commercial is informational for you and your future children. so many children are fearing gangs and it's your job as students to say no to gangs and say yes to a future. joining a gang is not a part of your future. >> let the message continue to spread. a second newspaper says it was attacked by chinese hackers following a disclosure from the "new york times" which disclosed that the computers were i will filtrated. pete williams reports. >> reporter: "the new york times" says hackers have been attacking its computer system for the past four months, even
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managing to get pass words for individual reporters. the paper says the own security experts and the fbi traced the intrusions to hackers in china who it says were employing techniques associated in the past with hackers from the chinese military. another newspaper, "the wall street journal" says it, too, was hit by chinese hackers who wanted to monitor the china reporting. no attempt, the journal says, to steal customer data. in beijing, a spokesman for china's foreign ministry called any suggestion that the chinese were involved "irresponsible" but the times says the attack coincided with a series of stories it posted on the website which reported that relatives of china's prime minister had he massed a fortune worth several billion dollars through business deals. >> we first noticed the unusual activity on our network shortly after we published our article about the outgoing chinese ruling family. >> reporter: security experts and the fbi say china has been
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targeting news organizations and overseas for the past few years. one goal is to identify the sources of news leaks within the chinese government. it's also part of a broader pattern of hacking and related attacks on banks and other businesses. security experts say there's no such thing as a fool-proof defense. >> there really isn't. the only computers these days that are safe in the chinese government hackers are computers that are turned off, unplugged and thrown in the backseat of your car. >> reporter: as for the "new york times," the paper says the latest hack attack is over but says they fully expect china to try again. >> that was pete williams reporting. a key indicator in the economy's health is due out in a few hours. the first jobs report of 2013. let's take an early look at the markets as we get all up in your business this morning. karen cho is live in london. we saw a decline in the gdp. the markets dipped. what do you expect from today's jobs numbers? >> good morning, bill. yes, you have a very good point. there is enormous focus on the markets after that gdp print for
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the fourth quarter. the focus today is the market wants to see that u.s. jobs story is intact. we're seeing a lot of hiring by private employers. this is reflected in the adp report in the week. so we're wondering whether this trans spie tra transpires into the jobs report. this will primarily be focused in the private sector. in terms of the volatility, too strong a figure could affect the market. it could damage confidence about the recovery taking place. >> karen, also a report out, the justice department looking to sue to stop a blockbuster deal against two of the world's biggest beermakers, anheuser-busch, what is the deal with this story? >> the big companies are working on this strategy that bigger is better. and the world's largest company has been embarking on a $20 billion deal to take over a
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group of modello. they were in concession talks but to no avail. it seems the u.s. regulators believe the best course is to sue the companies and they're concerned that consolidation industry will mean higher prices for consumers and less choice out there for people as well. >> corona being taken over. are you doing the lime or just plain? >> apparently meant to dri it plain. it destroys the flavor otherwise or the taste. >> but then you're not cool. you can't flip it up side down and have it go -- have a good day. >> let us know why you're awake. e-mail us or tweet us. we'll read the best responses later. how do you drink your corona? still ahead, dr. phil sits down with the man behind the manti te'o hoax and spends most of the interview trying to get him to do his girlfriend voice. beyonce makes a surprise appearance during yesterday's super bowl press conference and finally answered the question did she or didn't she lip siync
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from illinois to ind und aiana . louis dropping down. you get that cold, we'll get snow moving through. if you look out your window in washington, d.c., to baltimore, maryland and delaware, it is snowing. you could get an inch out of this, just enough to make your morning commute a little bit treacherous. of course, we have the know bands coming off lake michigan, erie and ontario. as far as the forecast for the weekend, a couple clipper lows diving down. we'll have three or four different storms over the next five days. that will provide a chance for snow. we have the one in d.c. that will exit. then another one coming down saturday and sunday. so today's forecast, besides the snow in d.c. and the glak, otherwise, it's a dry day. we have a lot of warm weather this weekend if you're in the rockies or texas. you're not complaining at all. then on saturday, here comes that next little storm. it's going to bring snow to minneapolis to chicago through iowa and illinois. saturday night through the ohio valley. then on super bowl sunday, we'll see light snow moving through the mid-atlantic from d.c. to boston. with temperatures in the mid 30s during the daylight hours at least the roads will not become
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too treacherous. overall, no huge snowstorms for super bowl. we tourn a heartbreaking story from the winter x games in aspen, colorado. a 25-year-old snowmobile rider died yesterday as the result of an injury sustained during competition. this week, moore, a four time x game medalist came up short during the back flip at the freestyle event last thursday causing him to crash head first into the snow. where his 450 pound snowmobile landed on top of him. moore did walk away from the accident which is incredible. he was initially diagnosed with just a concussion. but later doctors found bleeding around his heart. this the first fatality in the 18-year history of the x games. and espn now faces safety questions that could put the future of the event in jeopardy. espn did issue a statement saying, "as a result of this accident, we will conduct a thorough review of this discipline and adopt any appropriate changes to future x games. still, when the world's best compete at the highest level in
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any sport, risks remain." we turn now to the pga tour. we're showing you first round highlights. something big happened. phil mickelson blazed through the first round in the phoenix open, 11 birdies through the first 17 holes. par 71. all he need was a birdie on the final hole for golf's holy grail shooting a 59. only been done five times in golf's history. his approach shot was good but not great. leaving him 25 feet from golf immortality. here it is. >> oh, no! oh, my goodness! have you ever seen a crueller look back than that? >> oh, the dreaded lip out of all things! it was a really good pooutt.
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miz reaction, very classy. his caddie bones, on the other hand, dropped to his knees behind them in disbelief. really wearing his heart on his sleeve. that's how close it was. you would have seen that putt and heard about that round for the rest of your life. instead, it's a round of 60, a career best for mickelson. turning now to football. for the first time yesterday the man behind manti te'o's fake on line love interest spoke about his role claiming he was the female voice that he heard on the phone. but when asked to replicate the voice, he was hesitant. >> let me hear that voice. >> i can't. >> give me a little of the voice. >> i'm sorry. it's really awkward, uncomfortable. >> i contacted the private contractors for the fbi and secret service. i gave them that voice mail. i gave them your voice and i had
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them do a highly scientific analysis of your voice. they said the chance that you are the person on that voice mail is like one in 10 million. >> yep. >> that that is not you. not even possible. >> now we're told it's a two-part interview on dr. phil and he does do the voice on today's interview. finally, beyonce finally got around to answering the lip syncing question during a press conference in new orleans. she let her singing do most of the talking. ♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ ♪ the brave
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any questions? due to the weather, due to the delay, due to no proper sound check, i did not feel comfortable taking a risk. it was about the president and the inauguration and i wanted to make him and my country proud. so i decided to sing along with my prerecorded track which is very common in the music industry. and i'm very proud of my performance. >> still don't know how i feel about that. we knew she could sing. but at least we did get the answer about what happened at the inauguration. she did confirm she'll sing the national anthem at the super bowl live. at the top of the hour on "morning joe," chuck hagel's fate lies in the hands of the arms services committee who grilled him for eight hours yesterday. the crew weighs in on how he handled himself and what it means for u.s. policy ahead. when we come back, we'll huddle around the water cooler where apparently stalking siberian tigers and diving for buried treasures isn't enough for vladimir putin.
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we told you at the top of the show that chuck hagel faced a barrage of tough questions yesterday during his senate confirmation hearing on capitol hill. should the senate vote his confirmation down, he'd join a short list of would-be cabinet appointee who's were rejected. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends although many cabinet appoints have been withdrawn, only six cabinet appointments have ever been voted down by the senate. just two of those have come since 1925. enough with the real news. let's gather around the water cooler to watch vladimir putin defend his tile as the world's coolest leader. it's been a busy couple of years for the often shirtless russian president. a simple search shows a teddy roosevelt figure hunting tigers, diving for treasure and hang gliding with endangered species. now he is adding another notch to his resume. according to the telegraph, he hired the r&b group boys to men as spokesman to promote the
2:56 am
country's nationwide fertility campaign. this wasn't his first idea to help boost the birthrate. he's previously offered out cash payments and gifts to new mornlgz and even declared national holidays for baby making. we call it new year's eve here in the states. there's a fight brewing in new jersey over the senate seat. currently held by frank lautenberg. he didn't announce his plans after he determined that they would assume the 90-year-old senator will retire. corey booker has thrown his hat into the ring and now booker may have a challenger. listen up. geraldo rivera. yes, that geraldo, said on his radio show yesterday that he's truly contemplating his run for the senate seat in 2014. we here at "way too early" think he would be fantastic. at least we know he can hold his own in a debate. >> the taliban spokesman is on the line. ask how he feels about getting
2:57 am
his. [ beep ] kicked. >> sanctuary cities, what do you think? >> i think you have the story exactly wrong, my friend. i think that we're talking about drunk driving. >> i think the hoody is as much responsible for trayvon martin's death as george zimmerman was. >> it could be a jewish drunk. >> it could be an irish drunk. it could be an i italian drunk. what difference does it make? >> it makes plenty of difference. >> the cia does nothing. sends no help. >> that is an obscene lie. >> no it is not. >> you're a politician trying to make a political point. >> and this is justice. >> this has nothing to do with our mayor. >> we'll wait and see how that goes with geraldo. poison and end of the road -- yeah. i messed that up. still ahead on "way too early," why are you awake? your tweets, texts, e-mails are
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